TapPayroll | Track your workers' time with one tap.

Automatically track your workers' time, with one tap.

Welcome to TapPayroll. The simple, intuitive and powerful system that was built specifically for businesses with hourly workers and independent contractors.

A time tracking tool that your workers will actually use.

Gone are the days of filling out timesheets, reading your workers' chicken scratch writing and manually adding up hundreds of numbers every time you need to run payroll. With TapPayroll it takes one tap to clock in and one tap to clock out. Each workers' times are tallied at the end of each pay cycle and you receive a pristine report.

Simple Pricing

Complicated billing would go against the problem that we are trying to solve. TapPayroll exists to simplifiy your life, so simple billing is what you get. All plans start with a free 30-day trial.

$ 228


Unlimited workers.

Unlimited time events.

Unlimited job sites.

Job site tracking.

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