TapPayroll | Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions. We have answers.

TapPayroll makes time tracking so simple your crew will actually use it. Everything is offered in one compact, incredibly simple to use system accesible via web, desktop and mobile phones. Try TapPayroll for one month free of charge.

How TapPayroll works

For the workers.

We designed, developed and tested the worker dashboard with two things in mind: simplicity and efficiency. You don't want your workers funbling around on their phone when they need to be working. With TapPayroll it takes one tap to clock in and one tap to clock out. We beta tested with infants and their average clock in/out time was under 5 seconds.

Once we created a simple and efficient way for workers to clock in and out, we wanted to focus on making a dashboard that gives transparency to the workers. You don't like when workers come to you loooking for an explanation of their timesheets and paychecks. With TapPayroll, that is a headache of the past. Each worker has access to all of their time events, locations and paychecks directly from their device.

For the administrators.

We have built out a powerful and amazingly simple dashboard for administrators to monitor their workers. Complete with realtime clocks that show each worker and a realtime map that show each worker and each job site. administrators have complete access to all time events, paychecks and payrolls in a highly intuitive and interactive chart.

Highly specialized settings allow you to set overtime thresholds and even enable customer text message alerts that get sent to both a worker and a designated admin if a worker has crossed the overtime threshold. You also set the exact frequency, day and time that you want to receive your time reports.

Location tracking.

Gone are the days of not knowing where your workers are when they clock in and clock out. We have heard too many stories of workers clocking in once they leave their house for the job site and vice versa. With TapPayroll, you a location is tied to each and every clock in and clock out event. You can even see the accuracy of each geographic marker down to the number of feet.

Accurate and timely reports.

TapPayroll crunches all of the numbers so you can focus on more important things. The reports are sent via email and scheduled on a recurring basis that is sent by you. The reports are simple, clean and concise.

Common Questions

Does the price increase with more workers?

No. TapPayroll has a flat rate of $99/month no matter the number of workers on your team.

How many workers can TapPayroll handle at once?

TapPayroll can log time from any number of workers.

How many job sites can TapPayroll handle at once?

TapPayroll can log time from any number of job sites.

How is time tracked at a job site?

If you have enabled the Job Site Tracking functionality then a worker's time will be attributed to the nearest job site when the worker clocks in.

What happens if a worker forgets to clock out?

You have two options in this scenario:

  1. The worker can submit a time change request directly from their device. When submitting this request they will explain why the request is being submitted as well as provide the accurate times. The administrator will receive a notification whenever a time change request has been submitted. If the request is approved then the worker will receive a notification that the time change request has been accepted and the time logs will be updated to reflect the accurate times.
  2. The administrator has the power to easily correct any time from within their dashboard. If a time is corrected then the time will be marked as "Corrected", so that worker's know if their time has been changed.

How accurate is the location-tracking feature for workers?

This depends on the strength of cell service where the worker clocks in/out. With a strong cell signal, it can be accurate enough to distinguish between different rooms in the same building.

Does TapPayroll integrate with third-party platforms?

Not currently, though we are exploring the possibility of several integrations. Please email integrations@tappayroll.com if you have any suggestions.